Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Does Mary Honeyball MEP Really Represent YOU?

The answer: well it's difficult if she doesn't respond to constituents correspondance.

Just an update on the responsiveness of Mary Honeyball to residents: Mary was emailed 17 months ago regarding London City Airport - she never replied. In contrast her colleague Claude Moraes MEP did respond.

Mary was emailed a week ago regarding her use of free parking at London City Airport - FTF wanted to give her the opportunity to comment. She has not yet replied.

With the current controversies around politicians expenses there is one overriding factor that continues to feed the anger that constituents feel with politicians at the moment: it is the sheer arrogance, the excuses, the attempt to bury bad news and of course, just completely ignoring the public.

Mary Honeyball MEP is paid out of all our taxes. We actually think that it is Mary's DUTY to respond to correspondance: it is not a choice, but a duty which she is paid to do. Or is there some kind of problem with Mary commenting on anything to do with London City Airport?? You can't help but wonder.

Or is it simply that Mary is out of touch and doesn't care about the people she is supposed to represent and doesn't think that the general public are worth responding to? Want any more hints/evidence about why the public have such poor opinions of some politicians right now? Yes, Mary is blogging of her trips around London in the run up to the EU elections for votes - but she's not managed to respond in 17 months to one resident!

It's simple: listen to the people you represent, and respond. Your paid to do it.

Vote for someone who listens and responds to you, not for someone who ignores you.