Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cllr Patricia Holland & London City Airport & Local People Upset They Can't Get Good Jobs

Whoops: Has Councillor Patricia Holland forgotten that her and her colleagues have been repeating the mantra that the airport was a major quality employer in the area? That the airport provided so much work for local people - all 120 jobs for Newham residents after 20 years of operation? Well she's been commenting on how there MIGHT be UP TO 200 new jobs at a new hotel at the Excel. She didn't go so far as listing what types of jobs will be offered at the hotel....but we believe you all know what kinds of jobs, and pay are generally offered across the hotel hospitality board once it's built.

It seems Patricia is also admitting that Councillors have failed in ensuring that local residents get a fair share of decent jobs in the past too! We couldn't agree more Patricia. Now what will she do about London City Airport? Is she going to enforce that those 1000 jobs they pulled out of the hat as part of the stick and carrot technique to this gullible council actually materialise? Will her colleagues who said that the job 'creation' value overode all the pollution and cost to healthcare, and the odd death as a result be worth it?
Hmmm seems Cllr Holland made a bit of an admission in her comment to The Wharf:

Custom House councillor Patricia Holland said it was imperative the community around Excel benefitted.

She said: "Recent events at the Excel have seen hotels around it full up, so this development should be welcomed.

"However, quite a few people in the area are upset they can't get good jobs and we need to ensure a fair share of them can work on this project."

Try not to laugh at the hypocrisy. Pat perhaps could bring the issue up at the next Newham Homes meeting, on which Richard Gooding sits on the board with her.....and a whole selection of Royal Docks Councillors. Cosy.