Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mary Honeyball MEP and the European Elections

UPDATE: We have still not received a response to the questions we put to Mary Honeyball.

It is quite surprising that an MEP who is currently canvassing for votes seems to have such little concern in answering residents legitimate concerns at this time.

As we've suggested before - if your MEP does not address your concerns, or answer your emails, then find one that does, and move your vote. Mary's reticence to address the health and pollution concerns which affect broad swathes of east and south London, and the ADDITIONAL 46,000 residents as a result of London City Airport expanding, is quite outstanding.

Why wouldn't Mary have concern for the effect on children's development and an increase in NOx to air levels already exceeding the EU directive limits by 50%?

Because she doesn't care? Because perhaps she is pro-aviation at any cost to peoples lives and health in London? Because she doesn't care about east and south east Londoners? Because she didn't hear that 3000 people had premature deaths due to air pollution in London? Because she is out of touch?

Because all we want is a response to our questions from someone, who we pay the salary for, to represent us in the European Parliament.

What next after us mere residents daring to ask Mary asking and lobbying for MEP expenses to be fully transparent?