Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick, Tired and Fed Up With LCA and Newham? Come To The Newham Planning Meeting!

Sick of being told that the noise insulation that you are entitled to is running late, years late?

Tired of the increasingly noisy jet plane operations from London City Airport?

Fed up with LCA not taking noise data because if they did they wouldn't get planning approval?

Then why not come along to the Newham Planning Meeting, where some of the Newham councillors who have received 'aviation' gifts and hospitality will be making a decision on whether YOU and YOUR communities should suffer from yet more noise and pollution.

This will all be in light of the consistent abuses by London City Airport such as operating planes out of hours and ignoring many other of the planning conditions that were handed to them at the last application all confirmed by LB Newham Council themselves.

Wednesday 8th October

5.45pm (for 6pm meeting) outside
Newham Town Hall,
Barking Road, East Ham.

If you wish to speak at the meeting, don't forget to let
shirley.fortune@newham.gov.uk or joy.george@newham.gov.uk know in advance.