Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Noise Mapping - Do Something Unique, Be Part of the Project!

London21 in conjunction with University College London (UCL) are running a community noise mapping project. You can view the current map of the project here. In a few weeks time noise readings will appear directly on the map.

This project is unique in that it collects not only noise levels, but also residents experience of that noise. It has the potential to affect planning and future use of land and property. London21 will lend you a noise monitor and give you full support in taking noise measurements in your local area. The project is due to run until December 2008. The noise collection is not focussed specifically on airport noise - but any noise which affects you where you live.

See a linked film on the project by UCL which shows the effects of London City Airport Flights on noise levels and interviews local residents on itunes U: "Mapping for Sustainable Communities"

If you are interested in being part of this groundbreaking, and exciting project please contact: Louise Francis, Mapping and Development Project Officer, louise.francis@london21.org.

More Background Information: