Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Case of The Kellaways

Back in April 2008, Newham residents were told by Stephen Timm's MP and Councillor Alec Kellaway(also member of the London City Airport Consultative Committee) the following:

"Alec said extra employment would be a deciding factor but not at any cost, & what we need is anything that can counter this". For example, when the LCA are not abiding by its operating procedures, Extra noise levels, from noisier flights, especially the noisy private jets (numbers of these are supposed to be limited), flights out of hours, & so called emergency flights (they are only allowed to claim a cetain amount). They claim to be a good neighbour, with good liaisons with locals, & doing lots for the community, does anyone have any evidence of this?"

Well, as you all know, London City Airport have behaved appallingly towards residents and they have completely ignored many of the conditions in the Section 106 which have resulted to the detriment to residents. The fact that residents who have lived in an area for over 40 years have to ask others what the airport has been doing for the community says it all - nothing.

So Cllr Kellaway and Stephen Timms MP were passed this information - after all that is what they requested from the residents. What is more, Newham have even admitted the failings of the their own ability to enforce, and of their 'frustration' with London City Airport to follow the legally set conditions upon which they are required to operate.So what are they going to do with the evidence? Or was this simply an excercise they hoped residents would fail in?

Councillor Kellaway was clearly suffering from amnesia when speaking to the residents or was he just being rather two faced and hypocrital with them about 'the airport should not expand at any cost' . Why do we say this?

Of the three wards nearest to the airport, NOT ONE councillor has made a represenation on behalf of their constituents in regard to the London City Airport expansion application: THAT IS OF COURSE EXCEPT COUNCILLOR KELLAWAY - IN A PRIVATE CAPACITY HE SUBMITTED A LETTER IN SUPPORT OF THE EXPANSION (this can be viewed at Newham Planning).

So we cannot help but question why Councillor Kellaway would want to be so disingenous to his constituents and send them on evidence finding missions when all along he had not told them that he had sent a letter of support to Newham?

Here's a few freebies that Cllr Kellaway has received from the LCACC and LCA:

03/07/2007 - London City Airport Consultative Committee, 10th Anniversary Reception. Name of Donor: London City Airport Consultative Committee (Masterplan time!)
12/07/2007 - London City Airport Consultative Committee Annual Familiarisation Trip to Edinburgh incorp. coach trip, and lunch; Name of Donor: London City Airport Consultative Committee. (Application time!)
27/05/2008 - Complimentary Gift Bag; Name of Donor: Reception on boat by City Airport to celebrate 20 years of operation, City Airport, Royal Docks, E16

And a full list of councillors who have not been bothered to do what they are paid to do, represent the residents.
  • Canning Town South (Councillors Craig, Ademolake and Stafford)
  • Custom House (Councillors Butler, Holland and McCauley)
  • Beckton (Councillors Bowden, Chaudhury
  • Royal Docks: (Councillors McAlmont, Murphy and Tucker)
And they wonder why residents have no faith in them.