Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Formidable FTF Is Awarded A Grant

We are very pleased to be able to report that Fight the Flights has been awarded a grant by the Manuka Club .

This will enable us to continue our work even more effectively within the communities affected by the proposed expansion of flights at London City Airport. FTF gives, and relies upon, the dedication and genorousity of residents with their time and skills. Our work is unpaid, but committed to the betterment of communities, on issues of quality of life, health and the environment which will be threatened by further flight expansion.

FTF has been working hard for almost a year to ensure that residents are aware of the application by London City Airport to expand, but also that the information they receive is accurate and the full implications of the proposed expansion are understood.

We have specifically been working with and advising residents on what action they can take, and providing advice and support aswell as being actively involved across the boroughs. We have raised a variety of issues around the planning application which would have otherwise have been ignored by LCA and Newham. In addition we have uncovered 7 years of London City Airports negligence to meet many of the conditions that were set out at the last planning approval, particulary of their failure to record reliable noise and air data. We, elected officials, and residents are now calling for a public inquiry.

FTF has connected community groups, residents groups and individuals to one another and has worked with them, and for them, to ensure that London City Airport and the London Borough of Newham's very unsatisfactory and unfair consultation/application process has been scrutinised and bought out into the open.

The Manuka grant will go towards printing, meeting room costs and other items which will assist the campaign in the communities. Our thanks go to the Manuka Club for recognising the contribution of the residents across East and South East London.