Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mayor of London Committed To Reducing Emissions

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has been clear in his commitment to the environment and reducing carbon emissions in his latest statements. We are really pleased to hear that he is putting the health and welfare of Londoners on the agenda, and taking into account the effect of pollution on a wider scale.

The Mayor states a "commitment to a 60 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2025, ten high-technology 'Low Carbon Zones' across London by 2012 to deliver ‘greener’, low carbon solutions and deliver reduced energy bills, £6 million to clean up and improve London’s rundown green spaces, and 10,000 new street trees"." He is also promoting low polluting travel including cycling, walking, hybrid buses and taxis, hydrogen buses and electric cars".

However, we are not sure how he intends to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions when he is supporting a 50% increase in flights from London City Airport (though he did state that more would be hard to justify)? The Mayor is against expansion at Heathrow, but supports expansion at London City Airport. Isn't this a clear conflict in his policies?

Just last week the Mayor of London visited the Thames Barrier to launch 'London's Climate Change Strategy'. The barrier is so near to the communities that will be blighted by LCA flight expansion - and those that are the most likely to be flooded - as they sit outside the Thames Barrier. The report talks about how London is protected by tidal surges by the barrier - however vast areas of east and south London outside the barrier are not protected. They also just happen to be the areas that the government are building new homes on,many of which are, and will be blighted by any more flights from LCA.

We can only wait to see if the Mayor of London re-considers the full impact of any expansion at London City Airport particularly in view of the flawed and missing noise and air quality data in the application. He could really show his committment to a 'greener' London by putting the health, welfare and quality of lives of 100,000s of London residents in South and East London first by objecting to LCA expansion and requesting a call in of the application.

The Mayor's Full report on Climate Change Adaption Strategy can be viewed here.
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