Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Axed Routes At LCA - BA Cityflyer - Dublin to go

Whilst London City Airport and their associated airline partners spin on the need to seems that in reality the situation is quite the opposite. Flight route, after flight route is being axed at London City Airport. If that was ever an indication that expansion was NOT needed we don't know what is.

Passengers do not NEED more flights, what they want are the flights they do take to run on time, and all the associated services run smoothly and treat them well.

Expansion of London City Airport will be guaranteed to completely change the experience of most passengers to the negative - bigger is not better. 'Bigger' makes passengers faceless numbers, who are automated by systems and policies. Booking first class tickets with one major airline is a perfect example of that...the ticket terms on a ticket worth thousands of pounds are pretty appalling and they clearly shouldn't be, and yet what can passengers do about it?

You all know it is true, just look at your daily experience of using services and shops that were once small to medium sized and then got greedy and went too big. Big usually equates with 'stack em and rack em', quantity usually overtakes quality. Maybe passengers who like the airport how it is now should start asking the questions. They are intelligent people, and they understand the spin. Will the expansion do nothing but make the airport a comparison to the overcrowded, poor quality service of the majors?

So whilst LCA release their spin, to the local rags (who are too lazy to get off their bottoms and do a little investigative reporting in a bid to present a fair and balanced view to the communities they are supposed to inform), they simply print what the press bullying airport (remember the local Guardians experience?) want and send them. Why? You can only ask the papers editors that question, but we wouldn't expect you to get an honest answer.

So whilst British Airways flights have expanded at London City Airport with the introduction of services to Denmark and LCA have the local paper do a nice fluff piece about new flights to the Isle Of Man in November, strangely there's no mention of the routes disappearing quicker than FC Gooding's hairline! I wonder if he still thinks running the airport is the most fun he can have with his clothes on still?

Routes to be cut, or have been cut:
BA Dublin - the latest

All disappeared. Gone or going. And Berlin is looking decidedly shakey.
As they can't be bothered to do a press release with anything negative we just thought we would let you know.

Oh dear, things are just not looking good at all for LCA.