Wednesday, February 04, 2009

LCA: MET Airport Police - Insider Speaks Out

Not surprisingly some of the police that provide free security to London City Airport are fed up.

FTF has been told by a serving officer that allegedly his fully trained and armed police officer colleagues feel ''nothing more than glorified security guards''. One of their main concerns, the officer told us, was that allegedly in an event of an incident on the runway, the Police had "no right to go onto the runway, without first seeking advice from an airport director". This apparently causes some considerable anxiety to the officers as it could potentially affect their response times, and of course could reflect badly on them.

FTF is clearly concerned to hear that the Police appear to have some issues and concerns with the airport. We value the work they do, but don't think they should be having to provide it free of charge to the greedy GE and Credit Suisse share owners of the airport.

This is of course the fault of the government for allowing the Police to be used as a free security service to a private entity, and for LCA continuing to be happy to pour money into other airport bids, whilst continuing to allow London tax payers to pay for 100% of their MET Police security costs, which costs US millions of pounds each year.