Friday, February 13, 2009

Breaking News: Plane Crash Lands At London City Airport

We've removed the picture, because a pro-aviation individual who does not like objectors to LCA expansion has requested us to do so.He stated he didn't wish the photo to be used in this 'manor' (his spelling not ours). Strangely enough its the same person who complained about FTFs leafletting excercise last year. You'd think he would be more concerned about rather more important issues right now...such as safety.

Sky News
All of the 67 passengers and four crew are safe after the incident at City Airport involving flight 8456 from Amsterdam.
Fire crews were called to the airport just after 7.40pm when the four-engine Avro RJ 146 aircraft had already been evacuated.
BA said passengers escaped down emergency slides which were deployed as a precaution.
A spokesman for the airline added: "One passenger suffered a minor injury and is currently on their way to hospital.
"Our priority at the moment is to ensure that all the passengers involved in the incident are well cared for by our ground staff."
The London Ambulance Service said it sent six ambulance crews, two single responders in cars and two duty officers to the scene.
A spokeswoman for London City Airport said the plane had damage to the nose wheel but had landed on the runway.
She added: "The 67 passengers were evacuated and we are now waiting for air traffic investigators to arrive."
The airport has been closed and flights are being diverted.

ITN: Plane Has Crash Landed On The Runway At London City Airport

The Press Association


All 67 passengers have been evacuated from a British Airways passenger plane after its front undercarriage failed on landing at London City Airport. Five crew members have also been taken to safety but two people have been taken to hospital.