Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dassault Chief Test Pilot Says 5.5 glideslope makes jets land too fast at London City Airport

So now we even have an aircraft manufacturer stating that the 5.5degree glideslope (the degree of descent to approach the runway) at LCA would cause "most jet aircraft to arrive over the runway too fast to land".
A bit like the BAE146 flight on Friday 13th February perhaps, and the one a week before, and the ones prior to that too? But they do land, they just tend to burst tires or sustain nose wheel damage.

Dassault's chief test pilot Philippe Deleume goes on to say that " Flying into City requires precision and stability in the handling and speed of the aircraft". He also goes on to say that LCA is "one of the world's most challenging airports".

Perhaps Philippes' knowledge and experience could be shared with the CAA over LCA's suitability for large jet planes, London would be a safer place for it in our opinion.

So Dassault chief test pilot confirms what we already know from the incidents at LCA but which the CAA seem blind to for now, but for how long we wonder?