Friday, February 06, 2009

Building 1000 Is Sinking - A Bit Like Sir Robin Wales and The Hearts of Newham Residents

Yes, Building 1000 in the 'State of Newhamgrad' is sinking.

For the last month, our blog has been inundated with visitors looking for information on Building 1000. And we've just been waiting to find out why but what a good opportunity it has been to share the information of the property blight that London City Airport has bought to this part of London. And of course, how Newham went to the rescue of the beleagured, brand new building that remained empty for so long to perhaps save embarassment for himself and the airport?

It seems that it was yet another bad decision by Newham, a bit like the boroughs keystone cops that got Newham a call up to Whitehall one day, the situation was so dire.
This time, the curse of Newham and London City Airport has hit Building 1000, apart from it being a black hole for Newham taxpayers money, and for an alleged 600 jobs axed to purchase now seems that Building 1000 is SINKING! In addition it's reported that there has been a lot of internal damage due to building faults see here in Newham Doublethinks informative and eye opening article.

Does this mean that London City Airport is also at threat of subsidence or sinking? Perhaps London City Airport may have been contributory to the subsidence due to excessive noise levels and the impact from Jets causing vibration and ground movement? Only time will tell.