Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Guardian and Docklands 24 Only Papers To Expose Toxic Fumes Story At London City Airport

The Docklands 24 Paper has not been afraid to write an article on the Toxic Fumes that the GMB Union are claiming London City Airport allow to affect passengers and staff at the airport.

Please see an e-version of the article here

The Guardian Eco Soundings has also looked into it Read Here

Other Local Papers seem to not want to write about this yet. We ask ourselves why? We have a good idea but we're sure they'd deny it.

See what LCY have tried to hide from the public and how they are denying it now.

As far as Fight The Flights are concerned this is all normal behavior from London City Airport.

Who would YOU believe the staff being affected by the fumes or the airport that is desperate to stop any negative reporting.? We know who we believe.