Monday, June 29, 2009

Newham Planning Meeting - Next Week

Bearing in mind that Sunil Sahadaven and the Planning Team at Newham Council have failed to notify those residents who previously objected to the expansion of London City Airport: please find beneath the planning meeting notification.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)

Application No: 07/01510/VAR
Address: London City Airport, Hartmann Road, Silvertown, London, E16 2PX
Proposal: Application under Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to vary conditions 13 and 15 of the outline planning permission no.N/82/104 dated 23 May 1985, as previously varied by the Secretary of State on the 26 September 1991 and by the London Borough of Newham on 21 July 1998 and 11 July 2007, to allow up to 120,000 total aircraft movements per annum (number of total movements in 2006 was 79,616) with related modifications to other limits.

The above planning application will be considered at the Council's Development Control Committee scheduled for 8 July 2009 at Newham Town Hall, East Ham, E6.

The case officer has recommended to approve the planning application.

Any member of the public can attend the meeting, which starts at 7:00pm. If you wish to make representations at that Committee you should advise either Joy George or Shirley Fortune (Member Services, Town Hall, East Ham London E6 2RP) in writing by 12 (mid-day) the Monday prior to the Committee meeting. For further advice in regard to this matter you can contact them on 0208 430 3401 or by fax (020 8430 3052).

Yours faithfully,

Sunil Sahadevan

On behalf of JOHN FANNON, Borough Planning Officer