Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boris Johnson & Sir Robin Wales of Newham are Gambling With YOUR Health and FUTURE

Bad Air Causes 4400 Londoners To Die Early Every Year
Liberal Democrat Research:

At least 4,400 Londoners are dying prematurely every year because of air pollution, according to research by the Liberal Democrats. In Tower Hamlets the expansion of flights into and out of London City airport and a possible third runway at Heathrow will increase local air pollution and noise nuisance.

London is doing badly on two measures of air quality - particles leading to premature death and the nitrogen dioxide emissions which aggravate childhood asthma. Nitrogen dioxide emissions are particularly associated with air travel, strengthening the case against a third runway at Heathrow.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park, and leading campaigner against a third Heathrow runway, Susan Kramer said:

"It is almost impossible to comprehend that well over 4,000 people a year in our city are having their lives cut short needlessly. Yet despite this, Gordon Brown rammed through plans for the third runway against massive opposition.

The Government and the Mayor have to explain why they have been dragging their feet on pollution whilst massively underestimating the damage being done. People are paying for this inaction with their lives."

Leader of the Council group on Tower Hamlets Council, Cllr Stephanie Eaton said:

"Many flights into Heathrow pass directly over Tower Hamlets. Flights into and out of nearby City Airport cause noise and air pollution. The Mayor of London must address this issue before more people have their lives blighted by asthma and the disturbances of aircraft noise."

Liberal Democrats are pressing for the UK to fully comply with air quality laws in time for the 2012 Olympics.


And what is Mayor Boris Johnson doing about this? He supported expansion at London City Airport - which will add 50% more pollution to East London in an area which already exceeds EU air quality levels by 50%. This leaves East London with nothing but TOXIC air with a GROWING contribution from a TOXIC London City Airport. Asthma levels are set to continue to increase, and to stay at the highest mortality rates in under 30s in Newham in the whole of the country.

Does Mayor Johnson care about the health and welfare of East Londoners?
Does Sir Robin Wales's Newham Council care about the health and welfare of East Londoners?
They both SUPPORT expansion at ANY cost, on estimated, unreliable and flawed data provided by the disingenuous and desperate London City Airport.

They are gambling with YOUR health and YOUR future.
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