Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Waltham Forest Council Write to Newham Chief Exec: "Strongest Terms Of Dissapointment"

Chief Executive

Chief Executive: Andrew Kilburn

Waltham Forest

Dear Joe,

London City Airport Planning Application

Over the past few months many residents have contacted the Council about a perceived increase in the number of flights over the borough. Initial investigation suggests that much of this increase is linked to the operation of London City Airport (LCY), with parts of Ley ton and lower Walthamstow particularly affected.

We note that the London Borough of Newham recently resolved to grant planning permission for an application to increase the number of flights permitted at LCY by more than 65%, from 80,000 flights aircraft movements per annum to 120,000. As such, the Council is concerned that this decision is likely to exacerbate the issue of flights over the Borough considerably. Our records indicate that Waltham Forest was at no point consulted by Newham on the planning application submitted by LCY although our residents would clearly be affected.

I am therefore writing to express in the strongest terms our disappointment that Waltham Forest was never consulted on the planning application, especially given that we are a neighbouring local authority. Were we to have received an invitation to comment on the application, a comprehensive system is in place to ensure that the Council would have reviewed the need to respond and made appropriate representations. Whilst I accept that failure to consult us did not mean we were prevented from responding to the application, as you will appreciate it is not possible to constantly review planning applications received by neighbouring authorities.

Looking forward I hope our authorities can work more closely on issues relating to LCY, in the interests of both maximising the benefits and minimising the environmental impacts on our residents. Partly as a means of achieving this outcome, Waltham Forest has recently requested membership of the London City Airport Consultative Committee and I hope you feel able to add your support to our application. In addition, I would be grateful if you could ensure that henceforth Waltham Forest is consulted on any significant planning applications related to LCY.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Kilburn

Chief Executive, Waltham Forest

CC Janet Goulton, London City Airport

John Adshead, London City Airport Consultative Committee