Monday, April 12, 2010

Boris, oh Boris - Are you listening?

Back in January Boris Johnson, Mayor of London pledged his support for a public consultation on the CAA review of flight path changes.

Since then we've written to Boris to try and find out what he's been doing to ensure that the CAA don't carry out a private consultation of their own, but a public one, where the residents who have to suffer the consequences of the CAA's decision get their say.

So far we're not convinced Boris is listening as we, nor any other residents have heard so much as a twitter from Boris over his pledge for a public consultation of the flight path review.

Let's hope Boris decides to reply to the residents soon, otherwise all those residents who packed out the auditorium in Ilford at the Mayor's climate question time might just end up thinking his pledge was worth very little.

Come on Boris, get a move on.