Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Election 2010: Where do your prospective political candidates stand on London City Airport expansion?

Now is the time.

It's time to find out just where your local prospective candidates stand on the expansion of London City Airport. This is your time to ask the questions and their time to let you know clearly where they stand on the issue.

Why not send a letter or email to them? FTF have even put a letter together that you can use as it is and simply add your details or edit as you wish. The letter text is beneath, simply cut and paste it into a blank document and then find your list of local candidates from this fantastic website that has made finding out who's standing for who so simple:

Go to , pop your postcode in and it will give you the candidates standing in your area, with as much information as is known about them.

When you've had your responses please do email them to: and we will publish them on this blogsite.

Good luck!


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Dear Sir/Madam

Re: London City Airport Expansion

Newham Council gave approval to London City Airport to increase its flights by 50% last year to 120,000 flights a year. The airport also has further flight and terminal expansion plans beyond that as stated in its Masterplan.  The campaign group Fight the Flights is legally challenging this decision and has been granted a Judicial Review by the High Court. The expansion of the flights in the past 20 years and increased use of jets has already had a huge negative impact on East and South East London and I would be particularly interested in your response to the following:

1. Do you support the current and future expansion plans of flights at London City Airport?
2. Are you aware of the rapid increase in the use of jets over propellor planes, and the increase in noise levels as a result? 
3. Are you happy with the noise mitigation and environmental monitoring that the airport is required to provide to the community? What would you do to reduce the impact of current flight levels on residents lives?
4. What is your understanding of the impact of continued expansion at LCY on the environment and public health?
5. Do you feel that the expansion of flights at London City Airport in the most densely populated area of the country is of benefit to the high density housing and open spaces they are building and promoting in the Thames Gateway, many under the flight paths?
6 What reassurance can you give to residents such as myself that you will consider the communities and not only big business on issues pertaining to London City Airport?

Yours sincerely