Thursday, January 07, 2010

Press Release: High Court Gives Fight the Flights Green Light to Judicial Review on "London City Airport" Expansion

The High Court has granted permission for Fight the Flights to take their legal challenge against Newham Council to a full hearing in the High Court. The Judicial Review will look at the legality of Newham Councils’ decision to approve the expansion of London City Airports’. The Court granted permission to proceed on all three limbs (1) of Fight the Flight’s case saying that all aspects of the case were properly arguable.

Anne-Marie Griffin, Chair of Fight the Flights said “This is another victory and a positive step towards justice for the residents of East London, many of whom were simply not consulted. Residents who have to put up with increased noise and air pollution as a result of Newham Councils decision to carry on expanding London City Airport expansion will celebrate this news.”

Phil Michaels solicitor for Fight the Flights at Friends of the Earth’s Rights & Justice Centre said "We are delighted that the Court has agreed that this case needs to be heard. The issues raised are important for local people and for the environment more widely. We look forward to the case being heard later this year.”

Notes to the Editor:

1. There are three aspects to Fight the Flights claim. In summary they are (1) that Newham failed to have regard to the Government’s policy on climate change and aviation; (2) that Newham failed to consult relevant neighbouring local authorities; and (3) Newham failed to consult the residents of those boroughs. A copy of the legal grounds are available on request / available on our website at

2. FTF launched its legal challenge in September 2009.

3. FTF founded in 2007, is a non party political residents group covering all areas affected by London City Airport operations.

4. FTF works with not only the community and NGO‘s, but lobby’s decision makers.

5. Friends of the Earth are committed to environmental justice and communities and provide free campaign and legal advice to environmental campaign groups:



FTF Spokesperson: 07984 300558

Phil Michaels – 020 7566 1725 / 07952 641 284

Jenny Bates - 020-7566 1633, mobile 07884 003107