Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greenwich Council Given Extra Time To Do Their Job

Greenwich Council have been given until the 22nd of Jan 2010 to get their NAP (Noise Action Plan) reply to London City Airport.
But it seems that the extension does not extend to the rest of the communities surrounding LCY.

It's interesting that this extension arose when "Fight The Flights" asked to see a copy of Greenwich Councils reply over the weekend after the public consultation closed on Friday the 15th of January, see London City Airports NAP page

Greenwich Council seem to have gone into overdrive to save face and actually do something for their borough. They have contacted us and tried to claim that this extension was always there. Funny that no other council or resident knew anything about it and it was only reported after our contact with Council leader Chris Roberts.

So if this is true it seems that there is 1 rule for Greenwich Council and another for the communities. Why is the consultation not extended for everyone?

It's not that we don't want Greenwich Council to reply. It's just that we thought that they could have prepared their reply to the consultation in the 16 week allocated time frame given to everyone. It just implies a lack of commitment from the council to the areas in their borough that are affected by noise pollution from London City Airport.