Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greenwich Council IGNORE London City Airport Blight on Residents

Just over a week ago FTF approached 15 elected officials in the London Borough of Greenwich by email, asking them if they had individually responded to the London City Airport Draft Noise Action Plan (DNAP). The individuals were chosen on the basis that their ward is either beneath the London City Airport flight path, or is a ward in which we have received complaints from residents regarding noise and pollution from LCY aircraft.
Out of 15 elected officials contacted, only one responded. The individual who did respond, to their credit was honest and declared that they had not been made aware of the DNAP and had therefore not responded, and apologised. However here is the list of elected officials who are paid to represent your best interests in the borough of Greenwich whom have failed to respond. FTF can only assume that they have made no effort at all to ensure that residents in Greenwich affected by LCY are taken account of and their best interests promoted in the response to the DNAP. Each ward listed beneath is a link to the individuals profiles., Thamesmead Moorings Ward: In noise contour & crash zone

You cannot help but ask what these individuals are paid to do if they are not representing you on such important issues as responding to the DNAP and familiarising themselves with the effects on their residents of increased aircraft and jets from LCY? It's something worth considering when you get to the ballot box in a few months time.

Out of courtesy FTF have emailed Andrew Stern in the Greenwich Council Communications department with this item, asking him for his comment. We await his response.

Original email sent to the above elected officials

Saturday, 16 January, 2010, 13:44
Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you as Chair of Fight the Flights, the community group who campaigns against the expansion of London City Airport. You may be aware that last week the High Court gave our group permission for a legal challenge against the London Borough of Newhams approval of a 50% expansion of flights at London City Airport (from 76,000 flights up to 120,000) to a judicial review. The press release may be seen here:

This correspondance however is requesting for information from you in regard to your response to London City Airports Noise Action Plan, (as required by the European Noise Directive 2002).

Please see the attached formal response from Fight the Flights to the London City Airport (LCY) Draft Noise Action Plan (DNAP). You have been sent this email as you either represent residents in wards in Greenwich that are affected and/or that FTF has received complaints from residents in your ward regarding LCY flight noise.

I understand that most of you would have been consulted as stakeholders and that you would have by now have submitted your own responses as the deadline of Friday 15 January has now passed.

The opportunity to respond to the DNAP was particularly important for Greenwich due to its UDP stating that 'Greenwich is sensitive to overflying by all types of air traffic'. Coupled with this, the vast, high density regeneration housing projects in West Thamesmead and beyond being covered by an ever expanding noise contour (encouraged by Greenwich Councils support of flight growth at LCY), the importance of Greenwich stakeholders and representatives having responded cannot be underestimated. The effects of LCY flights are not only isolated to Thamesmead Moorings ward but are felt in other wards throughout the borough.

Please could you indicated whether you have responded to the NAP consultation as an individual, or as part of a group?

We are intending to produce an article indicating who responded to the DNAPs consultation in the boroughs most affected by London City Airport operations and therefore we would appreciate your response. Greenwich is not the only borough who is being approached in this way.

If we do not receive a response then we will assume that no representation was made to the NAP by yourself. If you have responded then we would greatly appreciate a copy of your response in your reply.

We thank you for taking the time to read this email, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Fight The Flights - "Fighting against the lies, fighting for the truth".