Sunday, August 02, 2009

Take the City Block - It'll offer more protection than Boris

Whilst Boris Johnson continues to wax lyrical about being green with yet another new initiative (which clearly will have some good merits) whilst supporting London City Airport flight expansion, (and a further breach of EU air quality levels) it makes you wonder just how far politicians like Boris will go in pretending to have green policies.

So Mayor Boris makes £4million available for his new eco-innovation fund - whilst London City Airports security costs of £5.5million a year continue to be paid by the London taxpayer. Why not add another £5.5 million to the 'eco innovation fund' Boris, and make the privately owned, but publically subsidised London City Airport pay their own bills for a change?

It just doesn't add up, the money, or Boris's perpetual spin about being concerned about improving Londoner's quality of lives and their environment.

What we need is protection and this would be welcome in the form of a London Mayor who listens to the residents and defends communities quality of lives, not his friends in big business. But at least Boris has appeared to have discovered that jobs can be created by being greener in business, it's just a shame he didn't think about that when he used jobs as his excuse for supporting LCY expansion, which was by no means a good move for the communities or environment.

As far as Boris goes, we can't help but feel that the tube of cream that one of our residents bought from a cosmetics counter, with a 40SPF factor offering 'ultra protection' is likely to offer more benefit, to the average member of the public in East and South East London, than Boris is anywhere near as likely to offer.

The product boasts "hours of protection from environmental aggressors". Oh yes, that's just what we need plenty of in East London, protection from 'environmental aggressors'. Could we stretch the hours to days, weeks or years though?

But just how many tubes of this product would protect us from the 'agressors' of our environment, London City Airport, LB Newham and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London? There's so many of them, all of them guilty of greenwashing spin whilst supporting the continued growth of environmental pollution in East London.

Tubes to the ready. Subsidies for the cost of the product protection- up to £5.5 million annually are expected to be offered by our revered government to continue to appease the aviation industry and make residents think they might actually be taking their concerns seriously for once.