Monday, August 31, 2009


Press release from FTF Havering:

Climate Campers headed out into London after several days of learning about climate change and taking action at the Blackheath Camp. Activists launched a flash mob at London City Airport at 12 noon.

Up to 100 Campers protested against the recently approved 50% expansion of the airport. Local residents were outraged this July as Newham Council, supported by Mayor Boris Johnson, agreed to allow an extra 50,000 plane journeys from the airport, bringing City's annual
flight total to 120,000.(2)

Climate Camper Steve Pullum of Fight the Flights Havering said: ‘We were there to protest against corporations driving the climate change agenda. They have pushed through the expansion of London City Airport against the wishes of the local community. This December the same big businesses will be flying from here to promote false solutions, like carbon trading, at the UN Climate Conference at Copenhagen. We can’t afford to let businesses drive us into
climate crisis.’

‘London City Airport and Newham Council have cooperated to misinform and deceive the residents of East London. The expansion means improving transport for the rich at the cost of further worsening air quality and noise pollution in the area, and eroding the health and wellbeing of local communities.’

"With the help of Friends of the Earth Rights and Justice Unit, Fight the flights have begun the legal challenge process leading to Judicial Review in order to try and overturn Newham's climate wrecking decision""


The aviation industry is the fastest growing CO2 emissions source in
the UK. Nearly 30 airport expansion projects are planned in the UK at the
moment. The Government plans to offset these emissions through the EU
Carbon Trading scheme, which will put the burden on developing countries
instead of actually lowering emissions.