Tuesday, July 07, 2009

THE WHARF NEWSPAPER (AKA) The London City Airport Rag.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks I must say for FTF. We've been sent more information about the aviation industry and London City Airport. We'll report on it over the coming week.

One thing that has been going on is that an article in The Wharf (aka) The LCY Rag has generated a much needed conversation between Anti LCY expansion and Pro LCY commentators. This at face value is fantastic as London City Airport and LB Newham will not have such a discussion.

But something surprising seems to be happening over at The Wharf (aka) The London City Airport Rag. Comments from Residents who are against the expansion at LCY have been removed while comments made by people who are either for the expansion or residents who want an open discussion on the expansion have not been removed from what we’ve seen on the comments section.

We've asked ourselves why this has happened.

1. Has bad language been used? Not from copies of the comments that we've received.

2. Has there been politically incorrect words or statements used? Again not from what we've seen from comments received.

3. Has there been anything negatively commented about LCY? Yes there have been comments from residents which are against LCY's expansion plans and some of the tactics used by them and groups around them. Are they valid comments? We would say they are, but it seems the Wharf (aka) the LCY Rag don’t think so.

4. Have there been comments about the local media and their handling of reports about LCY Good or Bad? Yes there have been comments about some of the local media and their choices on what to report on and what not to report on when it came to LCY.

So what can we take from this?

We have our thoughts. We will of course be contacting the editor of The Wharf (aka) The London City Airport Rag, to find out why they have decided to censor comments from concerned residents. We will of course make sure that we report what they’ve said if they make comment at all on this Blog site.

We want a debate about London City Airport and their expansion plans even if LCY, LB Newham and other interested parties don’t.


We have been informed that The Wharf aka The LCY Rag has removed some comments from a commentator who was attacking residents who are against LCY's expansion. We are pleased at least to see that on this comments section they have been more even handed than previous cases.


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