Monday, July 06, 2009

Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

"Made by former British Airways airline Captain Tristan Loraine and author of the acclaimed novel 'Toxic Airlines,' the investigative documentary 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines' is the film the airline industry never wanted made."

"THE FACTS.......

  • Passengers and crews reveal the secret and factual story of the serious health and flight safety consequences of inhaling contaminated air on commercial aircraft...HAPPENING TODAY...YOU COULD BE NEXT...GET INFORMED!
  • Did you know that no commercial aircraft have filters or detection systems fitted to protect you from exposure?
  • When passengers are exposed the airlines tell you NOTHING..."
Comments From Fight The Flights

London City Airport have the added issue that with the unique parking system at this airport, the jets engines are pointing into the Arrivals area. This means that not only are the staff and passengers inhaling Toxic fumes on the jet but also when they disembark into the arrivals terminal. See this attached post on the GMB unions staff members feeling ill at London City Airport