Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Fine Mess By LB Newham - Now They Reveal Your Email Addresses

Sometimes you just can't believe that LB Newham could get any worse than it already is.

Then they surprise you again, doing something utterly awful.
Today, the LB Newham Planning Officer sent out an email planning notification that expansion had been approved at London City Airport. What Newham forgot to do was apply the data protection act in this exercise: the planning department displayed every single email the notification was sent to. Clearly they have not got to grips with the 'BCC' bar yet.

There was around 550 email addresses, clearly indicating those who have objected, and supported the expansion by email.

We won't be revealing the email addresses, as LB Newham seem so happy to do, but what we will say it was not surprising to see BA, Cityflyer and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills listed amongst the long list.

Complaints have already been winging their way to Newham about the breach of data protection, but we suspect that Newham will be most concerned about the emails from business.

At least business for once was treated in the same way as residents are by LB Newham - it's a rareity in itself. We suspect they'll be a lot of desk thumping tomorrow.
But there's one other point for you to ponder on: all these individuals were advised of the outcome of the planning meeting, but it appears that LB Newham only notified 4 people of the meeting beforehand.
How ironic is that?