Friday, August 29, 2008

Is Hill & Knowlton or LCA attacking BAA?

We read with interest an article in which Tim Fallon (the alledged "PR Mercenary") of Hill and Knowlton comments upon his previous employer, BAA, to PR Week. Fallon states "I think there’s a hint of BAA thinking it couldn’t be touched".

Well we wouldn't disagree with that sentiment - however sadly it's not unique to BAA and there is more than a 'hint' in common with London City Airport's business attitude. After LCA's consistent breaches in collecting noise levels, air quality, aircraft tracking, and employment data for up to 7 years, it clearly indicates that London City Airport doesn't think it can be touched either.

Of course what Fallon didn't mention to PR Week was that he is now heading the team from H & K working for London City Airport to 'push' through the expansion plans. Neither did he mention that LCY et al have been eyeing up a Gatwick opportunity for some time. LCA was quoted in the Evening Standard in 2007 as being interested. So without a doubt the pen pushers at LCA will be busily putting together a bid for Gatwick as we work to stop them expanding at their current location.

So no conflict of interest in Fallon's comments to PR Week about BAA then!