Monday, August 11, 2008

What, No Noise Measurements? Will BA's A318 get away with it too?

So BA are getting all premature about ordering the engines for the proposed A318 service from LCA to New York. Newham Council have yet to approve this plane operating out of LCA, though with such a lot of propaganda spewing from the mouths of the babes in the aviation and PR industry they've all but buried that little fact. And when you've got such a lenient council such as the LB Newham, who throw caution to the wing (!) when it comes to local residents and their health and safety, you can see why the BA machine is so confident.

So we are now waiting to see if Newham manage to exert their usual level of maladministration in considering the planes suitability to fly in and out of LCA. Of course, even though LCA and Newham don't bother about noise levels - they are both quick to say that LCA operates under very strict guidelines. Oh yes? We can't find any evidence of that over the past 7 years in Bickerdyke Allen Partners report. Apparently Newham didn't even realise that LCA hadn't been taking actual noise readings until a local resident alerted them to the fact just a few months ago. Oh the levels they will stoop to!

So, are residents to look forward to the A318 test runs being noise measured accurately, or just estimated from a technical data manual? We can't possibly imagine why LCA would start to follow the rules now, after breaking them for so many years, can you? The LCACC would also have to wake up and face the facts then too, and that wouldn't do at all.