Friday, February 11, 2011

Whilst you pay more VAT: No VAT is charged on aviation fuel or flights from airports within the EU.

It seems all money that aviation (London City Airport) take from the London Taxpayer, as per yesterday's posts here and here, is simply not enough! For an airport and industry that likes to make wild claims about how much they contribute, they certainly seem keen to take a lot from you the taxpayer. The Channel Islands also seems to be a favourite place of London City Airport for registering business too. Strange that.

Few people are aware that aviation pays no VAT on aviation fuel and flights. We can only welcome the news in The Guardian that 'TakeVAT' is highlighting the issue of how much these and other tax breaks are costing the tax paying public. We can only hope that TakeVAT builds and builds.

Take VAT plans action against companies avoiding the 20% tax

Protest group inspired by UK Uncut activists to stage first action against groups avoiding VAT
It was formed less than six months ago, but the success of UK Uncut's non-violent, direct actions is inspiring similar protest movements. One of these, Take VAT, stages its first actions on Saturday.

Take VAT, which describes itself as a "UK Uncut-esque" action group, was formed last month to raise awareness of companies that avoid paying VAT.

These range from companies such as HMV and Tesco, which use a VAT loophole to sell CDs and DVDs VAT-free from the Channel Islands, to airlines. No VAT is charged on aviation fuel or flights from airports within the EU.