Friday, September 03, 2010

Jacqueline Bradshaw-Price - A Tribute

For over 2 years Jacqueline Bradshaw-Price brought her creativeness, style and concern about the well being of communities to the Fight the Flights campaign. Jacqueline, a key player in the group was a unique multi-talented individual: an artist, therapist and book restorer. There was little that Jacqueline could not turn her hand to, and all that she did, she did extremely well.

Jacqueline was committed to residents and communities having quality of life and health, particularly in the East End and Bow where she lived. She had never been affected by London City Airport flights until around 3 years ago, when she noticed more flights, more jets and more noise. The noise began to affect her in her home and studio and as a result she had triple glazing installed. That was the catalyst for Jacqueline to become a campaigner against the expansion of London City Airport.

Jacqueline had empathy and understanding, built up good contacts and networked across all levels, from meeting with Sir Simon Milton at City Hall, stylishly challenging the Mayor of London Boris Johnson on his environmental policies in a public question and answer session in Bethnal Green, spending the day at the World Climate Day march with FTF, regularly attending the London City Airport Consultative Committee and spending hours completing funding forms to help secure money for the FTF legal challenge fund. Jacqueline even managed to secure a place on the Anthony Gormley Plinth in Trafalger Square where she raised the issues that she was passionate about, you can see the video here. Her contribution to FTF, and the community was endless, and far more than we could ever list here.

Her independent, brave, intelligent and courageous character bought something special along to the campaign, and to the communities she contributed so much to. She cared and made time to care, and to listen. FTF were extremely lucky to have met Jacqueline, and strong friendships were forged outside of the campaign. Adversity often brings people together whom would have never otherwise have met in such a busy place as London.

Jacqueline Bradshaw-Price sadly passed away on Saturday 21st August 2010 after a long illness which she faced with dignity and courage. She will be sadly missed by all of us here at FTF as a friend as well as a fellow campaigner.

Cremation at City of London Crematorium, Aldersbrook Road, London E12 on Wednesday 8th September at 2.45 p.m. Enquiries to: A & C Tadman, 020 7790 4097. It is requested:no flowers or donations.