Sunday, September 12, 2010

Campaign Update - Bulletin - East London Autumn Edition Now Available

You can now read the Fight The Flights Autumn, East London Edition, 'Campaign Update Bulletin' here.

Why not print one or more off and share them with your neighbours, or ask your local shopkeeper/health centre to put a few on their counter/noticeboard? We know there are still so many residents out there who are increasingly bothered by London City Airport aircraft noise, but that we simply haven't been able to reach and they are having difficulty finding accurate information and advice. London is a big place, and reaching everyone affected is an uphill struggle. But you can help us very simply by talking to, or giving just a couple of your neighbours the bulletin.

Help spread the word about Fight the Flights (a non party political residents community group) and what we are doing to stop expansion at London City Airport, but also perform a watchdog role and look for positive solutions to deal with the current noise and air pollution levels in East London.