Thursday, May 13, 2010

The New Coalition & Airport Expansion

Well here we are with a new coalition government and hopefully a new era in UK politics.
We at Fight the Flights are pleased with the decision of the new coalition to halt the new runway at Heathrow airport and that Stanstead and Gatwick have also been stopped.

What we at Fight The Flights want to hear is that Airport expansion at regional airports which (believe it or not London City Airport is graded as?) will also be halted. Remember London City Airport was given permission by Robin Wales's Newham Council to expand up to 120,000 movements per year from 76,000. Also remember that London City Airport is built in one of the most densely populated areas in the UK and only 200 yards from a primary school. It also broke it's section 106 by flying approx 20,000 flights over it's 76,000 approved by the council within a year. So that works then!!

We of course will be lobbying the new government to make assurance's that expansion at London City Airport will be halted and the increase in use of larger, nosier more polluting jets is pulled. We want local boroughs and communities who are negatively affected by London City Airports business to once again live a clean and normal life. We also want to remind them that aviation expansion is the biggest growing factor to the increase of CO2 emission which affects climate change.