Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boris gets confused again! A contradiction in terms in East London

How can a Green Enterprise exhibition and conference centre and London City Airport be put in the same article? At first view the idea of an exhibition and conference centre that uses Green materials and promotes positive environmental schemes seems like a fantastic idea that could bring new green enterprises to the East part of London. But building something like this right beside London City Airport which flies in the face of anything Green locally or even Globally is complete madness. Just like allowing the expansion in one of the most densely populated areas in the UK! Firstly with noise levels that regularly exceed 80db how are you to enjoy the environment? Secondly Silvertown and Britannia Village have a constant stench of Jet fuel that is left from standing and over flying aircraft from London City Airport.
We think that Boris Johnson has either been duped by Sir Robin Wales or more than likely he has just no idea what living or working beside London City Airport is really like.

You can read an article about the proposals Here in the East London Advertiser.
"PLANS have been revealed today for a £30 million 'Green Enterprise' exhibition and conference centre in East London.

The 'iconic' three-storey pavilion for the Royal Docks, near the ExCeL centre and London City airport, would be a permanent showcase for 'sustainable technologies' for a low carbon 21st century society.

It will be at the heart of a 'Green Enterprise District' being set up across East London to regenerate undeveloped industrial land to attract new investment, in a project announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson and Newham's mayor Sir Robin Wales.

Sir Robin said: "Nowhere else in Britain is undergoing transformation on the scale of East London. There is huge potential for investment and prosperity."

The centre will include a public exhibition, 300-seat auditorium and educational facilities with interactive exhibits, a café and shop.

A consortium is being put together by Siemens engineering and technology group to design and build the 'pavilion' covering nearly 40,000sq ft.

The structure, built with recycled steel and industrial by-product cement, will maximise natural daylight using high performance glazing, photovoltaic panels and energy efficient lighting.

Its design includes 'rainwater harvesting', ground source heat pumps and solar water heating. The centre is expected to be open early in 2012."