Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Press Release: Colourful Demo Marks City Airport’s First Transatlantic Flight

Photos of protest credit: Mike Russell

Protestors were out in force when City Airport’s first transatlantic flight to New York took off at 12.50 yesterday. Local group Fight the Flights was joined by supporters from Plane Stupid and from the Heathrow campaign group HACAN with which Flights the Flights have recently formed an alliance.

The campaigners dressed as City yuppies held a mock celebration at London City Airport with banners proclaiming 'We love carbon emissions' and 'global warming is cool' and also making a lot of noise using whistles, drums and horns.

BA’s new service from London City Airport to New York is a luxury all-business service, with just 32 seats on an aircraft normally fitted for 100 people.

Alan Haughton, from Fight the Flights said, “We had a lot of fun but the message was deadly serious. The super-rich are getting pampered. The super-poor are under the flight path getting the noise and pollution. No wonder people are angry.”

Elizabeth Baines, from Plane Stupid, said, “This makes a mockery of all BA’s claims that they want to cut their emissions. This sort of flight should have no place in a world threatened by climate change.”

Earlier this week Fight the Flights launched a legal challenge against Newham Council’s recent decision to give City Airport approval to expand flight numbers by 50%.


Press Release dated 30th October 2009