Tuesday, April 14, 2009

London City Airport Jobs: False Hopes, Cruel Hoax

The disingenuous London City Airport continues to be revealed as purposely feeding the communities with inaccurate and misleading information in a bid to quell objections. And what for? To get what they want: a load of money at the expense of residents suffering from ill health, and decreased educational attainment all from increasing pollution levels.
We all know the biggest stick and carrot an airport can wave at gullible and ill informed councils is the promise of job creation. Oh and isn't that emotive in a borough that has high unemployment levels even when the rest of the country levels had been relatively low!

You see, the poorly skilled elected officials at the London Borough of Newham chose to overlook the previous multitude of broken promises from London City Airport on many issues, including on the job creation front. LB Newham are however rather quick to help LCA on making out that there are more jobs for Newham residents than there actually are - that is how desparate Sir Robin Wales is to not let down his mate and alleged fellow funny hand shaker! You can read about the lies and broken promises about jobs here and here.

But using jobs as bait in a bid to get harmful aviation expansion approved is not unique to London City Airport. We cordially invite you to read an excellent piece of work recently written by Brendon Sewell: Airport Jobs: False Hopes, Cruel Hoax.

It doesn't have London City Airports data but that is probably because job statistics from the airport, although legally required under the Section 106 by the LB Newham are like trying to access a document under the official secrets act. A recent FOI request to Newham was rejected because apparently the airport only has this data. We don't think so! We know Newham have this data, but simply don't want to release it because it yet again proves the point that the airport has indeed given false hopes over the years, which have indeed ended up as cruel hoaxes to local residents.

if you are a resident who believes the likes of that ignoramous Stephen Timms MP and is confident in just how much locals have benefited from 'direct employment' at the airport (not from the guy who grinds the flour, that makes the bread, that ends up in Bewleys bread but whom lives 200 miles away for instance!)as a result of its expansion, we invite you to ask LB Newham for the annual statistics and breakdown of employees by borough, salary ranges, and contract types? It wont make for comfortable reading for you at all.