Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friends In High Places - Panorama

The fat cats are schmoozing. If you ever wondered just how cosy things can get between the airline industry and government, including local government, then Panorama's next programme on Monday 21st July, 8.30pm might just interest you.

Remember us reporting that a senior Newham Official had alledgedly stated "can't say no to big business" when talking about LCAs expansion to local residents at a question and answer session in Newham? What exactly could the individual had meant by such a statement? Clearly he wouldn't have a problem with saying to residents that their lives will be made a living hell by noise, they'll be out of pocket and their lives will probably be shorter as a result of the kind of expansion planned over in south and east London. Well it seems that autocratic attitude could be endemic......surprise, surprise!!!

In the report Panorama found that it was all rather cosy between Downing Street and the aviation industry, and that many of those that had worked for government now hold major positions in the aviation industry. We know of one who is linked to aviation land East London who fits this stereotype nicely, contact book to the ready then!

Spare a thought for residents in West London, and we hope you will show your support for them too.

How can the government lecture the country on going green while backing a third runway at Heathrow Airport which will dramatically increase air travel and raze a village to the ground?

Not without cynically twisting the science around air pollution and noise, according to critics.
The environment is one of Labour's big issues, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown himself saying that protecting it is "one of the greatest challenges of our