Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Aircraft Noise and High Blood Pressure

In a report issued in January 2008 on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency, Berlin Germany it was found that:

'sufficient evidence for a positive relationship between aircraft noise and high blood pressure and the use of cardiovascular medication".

Wolfgang Babisch & Irene Van Kampf
Cardiovascular Effects of Aircraft Noise
2nd draft (December 2007) Issued January 2008

So if you have high blood pressure and live in the noise contour why not mention this to your GP or consultant? Perhaps in the future we'll be seeing some 'no win, no fee' activity taken out against London City Airport too. But then again, with the company they keep they will be denying it until the evidence is a mile high and hits them in the face.

Corporate responsibility Credit Suisse? Oh silly us! Of course it's residents own fault for living in the area, or that's the inference from the socially responsible London City Airport 'employee'! Considering the Government has a drive on housing people in the Thames Gateway, you'd think LCA would get a grip. Perhaps they ought to take that attitude along to the Government, and the Thames Gateway Unit? Yes, why not kick the residents in one of the most socially deprived boroughs in London, let alone the country, just a little more?

Yes your local airport certainly displays that it is a caring and sharing airport
.....of all things negative with a hefty dollop of disrespect to the local residents. Corporate dis-respect.