Sunday, August 22, 2010

Victory Against All The Odds

It is fitting that as FTF nears it's 3rd anniversary, and the legal challenge in November moves nearer that we consider how campaigns work, what makes them successful, the strategies, and most of all the amazing people behind them.  We've always been united with our fellow campaigners and always will be, celebrating the successes, and  sharing the challenges.

John Stewart, Chair of HACAN and a colleague of ours, has written a book on the work which led to the victory of the Heathrow Campaign to stop the third runway.  We'd like to invite you to read it: it reveals the commitment, sacrifices and bravery of those that worked so hard for their victory.  

You can read the inspiring and fascinating book here.

Press released 20/08/10

Victory Against All The Odds

New book describing how the Heathrow campaign was won released to mark official celebration of the victory

A book outlining the successful campaign to stop the expansion of Heathrow has been released to mark the official celebration of the event on Saturday 28th August (1). Victory Against All The Odds has been written by John Stewart, the Chair of HACAN, one of the main organisations in the coalition of groups which successfully fought the plans to expand the airport.

The illustrated book outlines the 10 year struggle to stop expansion. It describes the methods used and highlights the key individuals and organisations involved 

It puts success down to three main things: the building up of what it calls the largest and most diverse coalition ever to oppose expansion of an airport in the UK; a willingness to challenge the economic case for expansion; and a determination by the campaigners to set the agenda.

Stewart said: “The victory was no fluke. It wasn’t a question of luck. It was the result of a clear strategy, a radical approach, daring tactics and an utter refusal by the campaigners to believe that we wouldn’t win.”


(1). The celebration, organised by Hillingdon Council in conjunction with NoTRAG (The No Third Runway Action Group), will take place on Saturday 28th August, from 2 – 7pm in Sipson Recreation Ground, Sipson Way (off Sipson Road). More details: