Wednesday, July 07, 2010

End Domestic Flights Now!

Campaign against Climate Change

Demonstrations in London and Manchester ,
Saturday 4th September

11.00 am Demonstration outside City Airport , London .
(take the DLR at Bank to get to the ‘ London City Airport ’ stop on the Woolwich line) Support the local London City Airport anti expansion group “Fight the Flights”

12.30 “Train not plane” party board the big red (open top double decker) ‘end domestic flights’ bus which takes the message through the streets of London to Euston station.

1.40 pm "Train-not-plane" brigade boards the Manchester train at Euston.

3.49 pm “Train not plane” party arrives at Manchester Piccadilly station

4.30 pm Demonstration at Manchester Airport

For more info contact
Find out about SEMA, the “Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport ” group at

Evening - Party, party, party for aviation activists at Hasty Lane near Manchester airport - in a street threatened by airport expansion. Accomodation will be organised for those staying overnight.

Join us on the special "train-not plane" carriage on the 1:40 train! Cost is £11.50 
Make it a full fun day of aviation activism! (return from Manchester Saturday night or party in Manchester and return Sunday morning) Book a ticket by clicking here. Cost is £11.50 for a seat on the carriage, first come, first served for available seats. ( Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester airport is £3.30 return Return to London by train is £11.50 if booked well enough in advance, or around £5.50 by Megabus. )

Put this date in your diary now! This will be the time to take the agenda forward on aviation, and insist that at this time of climate emergency we cannot afford to be using high-emission forms of transport where viable alternatives exist. And that aviation will need to bear the burden of emissions reductions along with other sectors.

More info as it becomes available

If you would like to join Fight the Flights either on the demo and/or on the train to Manchester please do let us know: