Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Council says no more to London City Airport Expansion

From Cllr Phil Briscoe

At the full Tower Hamlets Council meeting last night, agreement was reached on taking a harder line on the expansion of London City Airport.

Following a question from me about representation on the consultative committee, and then a motion proposed by myself and colleagues, the Labour councillors caved in and offered their own amended version of the motion.

All sides accepted the amended wording (text below) and agreement was reached. Tonight was a good night for the residents of Tower Hamlets who have campaigned long and hard to make their voices heard by the council.


This Council notes that:

• In 2006, London City Airport had a total of 79,436 aircraft movements

• Since then the airport has continued to expand and residents in some parts of the Borough, especially Poplar, Bow and the Isle of Dogs, are now suffering from a significant increase in the noise disturbance caused by planes to and from London City Airport flying overhead

• In July 2009 the London Borough of Newham granted planning permission to increase London City Airport’s total number of aircraft movements to 120,000 a year, a 50% increase on 2006 levels

• This Council raised serious concerns on behalf of residents in its submission to the July 2009 planning application but this wasn’t counted as a formal objection to the application

This Council further notes that:

• London City Airport is now consulting on its Noise Action Plan 2009-2014 but that this plan proposes only limited measures to avoid, prevent or reduce noise

• In response to complaints from other East London boroughs, the Civil Aviation Authority is reviewing a new flight path and that, should this flight path be removed, flights over Tower Hamlets council increase further

This Council resolves to:

• Oppose any further expansion of London City Airport

• To engage in discussions about flight paths with London City Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority and other partners to ensure that changes to flight paths don’t materially disadvantage Tower Hamlets residents

• To publicise in East End Life the current consultation on the London City Airport Noise Action Plan 2009-2014 and to encourage residents to make their views known to the airport

• To actively seek the views of residents about this issue to inform the Council’s response to the consultation

• To respond to this consultation, highlighting the disturbance and nuisance being caused by noise from the airport and to seek further noise reduction and mitigation measures as part of the plan