Thursday, November 26, 2009

Redbridge to write to Sir Robin Wales condemning the failure of Newham to consult

It was revealed this week that Newham Council is the biggest spender on publicity of all the London boroughs, spending £3.896 million.

It is therefore in stark contrast that Redbridge Council's chief executive is having to write to the Mayor of Newham condemning the lack of consultation with his borough over the expansion of flights from London City Airport.

This also joins the borough of Waltham Forests' action against the Mayor of Newham over the very same issue.

At a full council meeting in Redbridge Town Hall, all parties unanimously supported a motion submitted by the Lib Dems to Redbridge full council meeting 19 November 2009 regarding Newhams failure to consult over the expansion of London City Airport:

"This Council recognises residents' concern over (a) the expansion of London City Airport, and

(b) flight path changes relating to "stacking" for London Heathrow Airport, believes the increased number of flights using these airports - and the associated noise nuisance and environmental impact - is detrimental to Redbridge residents.

This Council further notes:-

(i) the failure of the London Borough of Newham to consult it in connection with the planning application for the expansion of London City Airport.

(ii) the representations made through London Councils Transport and Environment Committee in response to the consultation by National Air Traffic Services (NATS) on Terminal Control North (TCN) concerning proposed changes to aircraft movement over London and London Councils response to that consultation dated 12 June 2008 raising concerns about the Government’s policy on airport expansion and the likely noise, air quality and safety concerns of concentrating flight paths, particularly over densely populated areas;

(iii) the Civil Aviation Authority’s notice to NATS dated 20 February 2009 requiring NATS to implement the proposals for TCN notwithstanding the opposition expressed through the public consultation;

(iv) the report presented to the Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee on 24 June 2009 considering the potential impact on the London Borough of Redbridge of a possible third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow Airport.

This Council opposes further expansion or changes to flightpaths or the mode of operation of airports (including without limitation any extension to the hours of operation of airports whether temporary or permanent) which would result in an increase in aircraft noise suffered by residents of this borough.

Therefore this Council requests that the Chief Executive :

Writes to the Mayor of Newham, condemning the failure to consult this Council and their decision to allow further expansion of London City Airport, stressing the negative impact this decision has had on residents of Redbridge.

Writes to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and NATS to ask what action they took to consult residents of Redbridge on the changes to flight paths and London City Airport expansion.

Writes to London City Airport in response to their consultation on their proposed Noise Action Plan 2009-2014 stating that this council is opposed to any further expansion of London City Airport, changes to its mode of operation, hours of operation, flight paths or any increase in the number of flights which would result in any increase in aircraft noise suffered by residents of this borough".