Monday, October 05, 2009

Wanstead Lib Dem Meeting: LCY Growth Flies in the Face Of Climate Obligations

With so many new residents (46,000 additional residents in the new noise contour alone) now being affected by London City Airports operations we felt it would be a good time to post the airports Forecast Annual Air Transport movements. These are available in the airports growth plan which is available in full here. Please click on the image beneath to view the data.

LCY adds a comment to the above figures as follows:

"LCY believes that the theoretical capacity of its runway, operating for the equivalent of about 14 hours a day, five full and two half days a week, would be in the order of 215,000 aircraft movements per year." p18-19 LCY growth plan.

Wanstead & Leyton Lib Dem Meeting
These plans were discussed at the Liberal Democrat Meeting in Leyton last friday in the presence of Wanstead and Leyton Lib Dems and MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford and London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon. FTF and HACAN were asked to speak as guests at the meeting organised by Cllr Qureshi to address the issues of growing aircraft noise and pollution over the borough.

A conservative councillor was also present at the meeting and there was committment between both parties to work together on this growing community issue.

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP said:

"The doubling of flights at London City flies in the face of EU and UK commitments to combat climate change. In making local people's lives a misery it also threatens to breach European standards on air pollution and noise limits."

"I will continue to oppose Heathrow and London City expansion by taking the fight to Brussels. The EU cares more about Londoners' health than Whitehall, Town Hall or City Hall."

Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon stated that:

"Boris Johnson talks about improving the environment for Londoners but his real record is totally different. It is a disgrace that he has given his full support to the doubling of flights out of London City Airport."

"At City Hall I will do everything I can to persuade the Mayor to change his mind on this vital issue."

More details of the meeting can be found here.