Friday, March 20, 2009

London City Airport - Are You Living In A Noise Hell, Whoops, Contour?

These are the latest noise contours released by London City Airport. We are unable to confirm whether these contours are based only on ACTUAL recorded data by the airport rather than estimated cobbled up figures from technical aircraft books (as they had 8 years where they failed to reliably and consistently collect
actual noise data).

The maps still don't reflect what the communities ACTUALLY experience in terms of noise levels as they are based on averages - and they count the quiet times aswell as the actual noise events - but this is what the airport claims to use to identify properties that are eligible for noise mitigation. The problem is that many of those that are eligible have either not received any mitigation at all, or they have received double glazing, which they alledge is 'inferior' and 'ineffective'.

This feeling would reflect the comment from a Newham Council officer that London City Airport does not provide the same standard of noise mitigation that other airports do. This is why London City Airport choose to say they mitigate at 57db, 3db earlier than other airports.

What they haven't said is that they might mitigate 3dbs earlier but that what they install is not to the same standard as other airports and in the past residents have been asked to sign a disclaimer to future noise mitigation work upon receiving the windows/air ventiliation systems. The letter to residents who had received noise mitigation bascially asked them to sign to confirm that they had received the installation and also that
they would not make any further claims on the airport for noise mitigation works. If they signed they gave up their right to any further noise mitigation in the future. Trebles all round for London CityAirport on that tactic (I'm sure that has saved them a fortune at the expense of residents growing misery at increasing noise levels), fortunately some residents refused to sign the letter.

REMEMBER: If your home was built or given planning permission after June 1998 it is highly unlikely that you will be entitled to any noise mitigation, even if you are in the 60db contour.

We strongly advise any residents receiving noise mitigation from London City Airport not to sign any such similar paperwork, without first seeking legal advice. If you don't know who to go to for legal advice please contact us and we will try to assist in providing information. If you would like a copy of the current Noise contours please email us.