Monday, October 06, 2008

Fight The Flights Goes To City Hall

Fight the Flights took the campaign to City Hall today. In a meeting which lasted almost two hours with Sir Simon Milton, Deputy Mayor and his colleagues, the real facts, and appalling behaviour of London City Airport and of the LB Newham towards residents was shared. A presentation was given to Sir Simon highlighting the key issues and failures of both parties concerned.

Issues such as the consistent breaches of noise and air monitoring, the 6 year delays on noise insulation by LCA and Newham failing to take any action to protect the communities were discussed alongside the issue of the flawed data presented in the application.

We didn't expect to change the Mayor's mind - but in the Mayor of London's eyes 120,000 flights is where it stops. In addition Sir Simon's officers will ensure that the Mayor of London's ambient noise strategy is adhered to and they have already taken steps towards meeting our request.