Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekend Flight Free Time Reduced to 23 Hours?

The 24 hour flight free time that we are all granted in reprieve for being very tolerant neighbours is to change if expansion is approved it seems. Though of course the application doesn't state that in such clear terms!

London City Airport states in its Environmental Supplement Statement under 'daily patterns' on the Newham Council Planning portal that the airport opens:

Saturdays 06:30 - 12:30
Sunday 11:30 - 22:00

Now we thought that this may refer to the times they open the airport doors, but alas it doesn't. The context that these times are given are in emission measurement from the aircraft, these hours are active flight times indicating daily patterns.

Now, our maths may not be great at Fight the Flights...but clearly 12:30 Saturday until 11:30 Sunday is clearly 23 hours, NOT 24 hours!
This presents the question:is London City Airport being entirely clear about their claim that 'flight hours are not changing'?? One hour more of flying time - seems to be a change of flight hours in our opinion.